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Francis Gilbert Francis.Gilbert at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Apr 4 09:04:55 BST 2016

hi everyone

Sander's suggestion is a good one. I had not really looked hard enough at the settings for the listing, but I have changed them so that replies only go to the sender, and not to the whole list. If it works (!), then everyone needs to think about whether they want their reply to go to the whole list, and include (or not) the listing address in their reply.

Thanks to Sander for pointing this out

Best wishes


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Dear all,

This mailinglist has a funny thing. If someone posts a message, and you would like to give a private reaction, so not a reaction to the whole group, it seems intuitive to click on reply. But doing so, you post a reaction to the whole group. I think all of you can see that this happens a lot recently.

There are two solutions: the owners of the discussion list might be able to change the settings in such a way that a reply goes only to one person and a reply all goes to the group as well. Or everybody is aware of this thing and will not make the mistake again.

First option seems way better I think? Is that possible? Or is that not a good idea?

All the best,

Sander Bot
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