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/"It's presumed that syrphid larvae are largely sedentary, but there is 
some ambiguity present in the literature on this subject.//"

/Observation of a short migration : change of environments of F.cuprea 
:  a sap run to the ground for puparium.

For this study only zoophagous ? or other cases herbivorous or 
microphagous ?

For the first case, larvae overwinter in the litter (sedentary ?).

No opinion on the fluorescent dyes :-[
But reproduce in the laboratory the natural environment would be more 
informative ( without predation, parasitism ...).


PS: sorry for my bad English writing ...

Le 18/05/2015 17:36, ximo mengual sanchis a écrit :
> Dear all,
> I do have a question for you all. Bashira Chowdhury, a student, asked 
> me the following:
>     Hi Dr. Mengual,
>     I had a quick question on syrphid larvae. It's presumed that
>     syrphid larvae are largely sedentary, but there is some ambiguity
>     present in the literature on this subject. As a part of my work
>     this summer, I thought I could use fluorescent dyes to mark
>     syrphid larvae and track their movements through flower patches.
>     Do you think that the dyes could harm their development? Also
>     would this make them more susceptible to predation?
>     Fluorescent dyes typically don't affect adult insects, but I
>     wasn't sure about larval insects.
>     Bashira
>  Does any of you have ever used dyes with larvae? Any idea? You can cc 
> Bashira (bashira at uw.edu <mailto:bashira at uw.edu>) with your answers.
> Thanks!
> Ximo
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