[Syrphidae] Biological and / or ecological information

Stefan Pruner Stefan.Pruner at student.uibk.ac.at
Fri May 8 09:52:56 BST 2015

Dear Syrphidologists!

I am about to finish my Master's thesis on a faunistic work on  
Syrphidae. There I wrote a chapter about "remarkable" species I found,  
dealing with their biology and level of threat. I found quite some  
information in books and the internet, except for two species I would  
like to include.

Those are Sphaerophoria bankowskae & Sphaerophoria infuscata.

Not books or freely available papers nor StN could provide satisfying  
information. Maybe somebody knows an informative paper on these  
species, or can give me a copy of the papers mentioned in the  
references section of the StN Species Accounts, that might hold  
information and are:

Verlinden (1995) Annales de la societe royale belge d?entomologie

Goeldlin (1989),  Bull.Soc.ent.Suisse, 62: 41-66

Thank you very much in advance!


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