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Bičík attached, don’t have the others….


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Dear all,
Could anyone share a PDFs of papers:

Kanervo, E. 1938: Zur systematik und Phylogenie der westpaläarktischen Eristalis -Arten (Dipt.) mit einer Revision derjenigen Finlands. Annls Univ. Turkuensis (A) 6: 5-54.

Holinka, J. 1999: Occurence of Eristalis rupium -group species in Czech and Slovak Republics with complete key to Centraleuropean Eristalis species. Dipterologica Bohemoslovaca 9: 53-56.

Bičík, V., Nielsen T. R., Holinka, J. (1996): On seasonal variation in Eristalis pertinax (Scopoli) and the status of E. flavitarsis (Malm) (Dipt.., Syrphidae). Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat. (1996), Biol.34,7-12.

Holinka, J., Bičík, V. (1996): Variability of the syrphid Eristalis pertinax (Scopoli, 1763) (Syrphidae, Diptera). Dipterologica bohemoslovaca 7, 71.


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