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 May Pavel LaskaR.I.P.  And my heartfelt thanks for allhis cooperation on our Syrphidae researches during the past decades.  His illuminating papers (with Jindra Dusek)on Metasyrphus and Scaeva were very helpful and hope Libor Mazanekwill continue with what he terms Eupeodesas they fly in Europe and northern Asia, as a respectful homage to his memoryand work.  All of us syrphidologistsshould honour his memory by continuing to unravel the very diverse and difficultPalaearctic Metasyrphus species.  I have tried with south Asian species and amnow trying to place northern Pakistani species with colleagues who are workingon Syrphidae there.  Thank you PavelLaska and I salute your life effort on Syrphinae.  Their 1967 classic on Central EuropeanSyrphinae was a great help to me as a beginner student during my Masters course,and that and Vockeroth’s Magnum Opus (1969) and the little cited one of HeikkiHippa (1968) on Syrphinae, after Frey (1946) were a ‘hop, step and jump’ inSyrphinae taxonomy for me !  Alwidaaa Laska-sahebji…. as they say inUrdu.

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Subject: Re: [Syrphidae] FW: Our Pavel Laska died in Saturday morning.  It is very sad to know that Pavel is no longer with us but fortunately he always will be us thanks to their papers.Thanks Pavel for the knowledge  that you leave all scientific community, mainly your hoverfly friends.M. Angeles Marcos  2014-10-01 14:52 GMT+02:00 Francis Gilbert <Francis.Gilbert at nottingham.ac.uk>:  From: dsommaggio at tiscali.it [mailto:dsommaggio at tiscali.it] 
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Subject: Re: [Syrphidae] Our Pavel Laska died in Saturday morning. In this rainy and dull day, a real sad new.I would like to thank Pavel for his enthusiasm and his inspiring and wonderful contributions.I agree with Francis: I knew very few things about his private life and I hope that his friends can cover this empty space.DanieleIl 30.09.2014 23:40 Libor Mazánek ha scritto:
Dear all,I decided to write to all Syrphidologist the bat news about Pavel Láska´s death.Last weeks was Pavel ill and he probably knew that his lifetime was near the end. He was in hurry to finish his projects on Syrphidae as soon as possible. But computer world was unearthly for him (as other older people) to live with computer world in full fruitful friendship. It is pity, that last years I had not enought time to work up all Pavel´s requests on Syrphidae work and to finish all his project and plans on Syrphidae as he wanted. I had to visit him in hospital or at his home for many times last weeks to work on our Syrphidae project and his intelect was always in excelent condition. But when I visited him in hospital in Friday to ask for some about Eupeodes, it was the first time in my life (and probably also in his) when his interest in Syrphidae was limited by his health. Libor Mazánek    This message and any attachment are intended solely for the addressee and may contain confidential information. If you have received this message in error, please send it back to me, and immediately delete it.   Please do not use, copy or disclose the information contained in this message or in any attachment.  Any views or opinions expressed by the author of this email do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Nottingham.This message has been checked for viruses but the contents of an attachment may still contain software viruses which could damage your computer system, you are advised to perform your own checks. Email communications with the University of Nottingham may be monitored as permitted by UK legislation.

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