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Dear all

I am very sorry indeed to hear about the death of Pavel Laska. He was indefatigable in his research on the Syrphidae, and pioneered many aspects of their biology. I was very pleased that the Symposia gave him a platform for international colleagues to meet and discuss with him, and was personally delighted to meet him again after the first time in 1984. We have lost a good friend and an excellent researcher and colleague.

I know almost nothing about his private life, not even how old he was. I hope that his colleagues and friends will write his obituary so that his full contribution can be celebrated and known widely.

Best wishes


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Dear all,
I decided to write to all Syrphidologist the bat news about Pavel Láska´s death.
Last weeks was Pavel ill and he probably knew that his lifetime was near the end. He was in hurry to finish his projects on Syrphidae as soon as possible. But computer world was unearthly for him (as other older people) to live with computer world in full fruitful friendship. It is pity, that last years I had not enought time to work up all Pavel´s requests on Syrphidae work and to finish all his project and plans on Syrphidae as he wanted. I had to visit him in hospital or at his home for many times last weeks to work on our Syrphidae project and his intelect was always in excelent condition. But when I visited him in hospital in Friday to ask for some about Eupeodes, it was the first time in my life (and probably also in his) when his interest in Syrphidae was limited by his health.

Libor Mazánek

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