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Mon Nov 24 13:47:51 GMT 2014

Dear Syrphidae colleagues

I have an idea about starting a Syrphidae foundation aimed at promoting the
collaboration between amateur and professional syrphidae workers. Main type
of funding will be for the Syrphidae Symposium and for research by amateurs
and professionals working together.

For the start of the foundation I have two questions to all of you. The
reply wil be send to my mail address and the answers will be processed

1) Do you think the Syrphidae foundation is a good idea?
2) Do you want to donate moneyto the foundation, and how much?

The answers will be worked out together with the statues of the foundation.
a presentation of the results will be given during the next Syrphidae
Symposium in Bonn.

Best wishes, Jeroen van Steenis
the Netherlands
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