[Syrphidae] Afrotropical Flower Flies => new generic key

Chris Thompson xelaalex at cox.net
Sun May 25 21:46:57 BST 2014


In preparation for the forthcoming Manual of Afrotropical Diptera (Kirk-Sprigs et alia), I am preparing a conspectus to the flower flies.

This will include some new generic concepts. Hence, I have revised the key to genera that I had previously circulated.

I would very much appreciate comments, corrections, etc.

And if you have any unusually Afrotropical flower flies, I would love to see them.

While Betty and I have retired to northeastern Florida (Ponte Vedra), I retain my office at the Smithsonian and will be regular them.

So specimens still should be send them, but reprints and correspondence can be sent to our new home: 278 Palm Island Way, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081



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