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Pavel Láska laskap at seznam.cz
Mon Feb 24 16:03:51 GMT 2014

Dear Ximo, thank you for your letter and circular, even if my healthy is problematic, I will follow it from my home.
                                 Best wishes   Pavel
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  Dear friends and colleagues,

  We are glad to invite you to the 8th International Symposium on Syrphidae (ISS8). In this occasion, the ISS8 will take place in the heart of Europe, in the historic town of Monschau (Germany) from 4th to 8th of June 2015.

  More information is already posted in our website: www.iss8.zfmk.de 

  Please check this website regularly as we will post any news there as soon as we have them.

  Björn Rulik and I are making our best to make you feel comfortable.  At this moment, we ask you to complete and return the 'interest form' ( pdf-Version or docx-Version ) to receive further information about the ISS8 and to assist us in planning ahead for the symposium. 

  This is very important for us to plan better the symposium and to raise funds, which will help students and colleagues to come, as well as to have a lower registration fee. Thank you!

  The Organizing Committee of the ISS8 welcomes all of you!

  Best regards, 

  Björn Rulik & Ximo Mengual 

  The ISS8 Organizing committee


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