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Fri Dec 5 10:47:44 GMT 2014

Dear Kurt and all others interested in introduced species,

 From my little knowledge of the Australian Syrphids, Eristalinus aeneus 
is known there as an introduced species, most probably from Europe.
I have captured it in SA, and Thompson lists data from NSW and Vic.
Thompson & Vockeroth list the following species as introduced on Oceania 
(http://hbs.bishopmuseum.org/aocat/syrphidae.html ; several other 
species are mentionned as "introduced; not established")
Toxomerus marginatus : Hawaiian Is [introduced]
Allograpta exotica : Hawaiian Is [introduced]
Allograpta obliqua : Hawaiian Is [introduced]
Allograpta radiata : Hawaiian Is [introduced]
Copestylum apicale : Hawaiian Is [introduced]
Copestylum hoya: Hawaiian Is [introduced]
Copestylum tamaulipanum: Hawaiian Is [introduced]
Ornidia obesa : widepsread Oceania [introduced]
Palpada vinetorum : French Polynesia (Marquesas, Society Is) [introduced]
Eumerus obliquus : Australia (NSW, Qld, WA) [introduced]
Eumerus strigatus : Australia, NZ (NZ) [all introduced], N. Am. 
Eumerus tuberculatus :  Australia, NZ (NZ) [all introduced]; Colombia 
[introduced], Europe, N. Am. [introduced].
Merodon equestris : NZ (NZ) [introduced];  N. Am. [introduced]
Syritta flaviventris : Easter I [introduced]; Brazil, Chile, Mexico 

Best wishes,


Dr Gabriel Nève
IMBE, Case 36
Aix-Marseille Université
3 Place Victor Hugo
13331 Marseille Cedex 3
EMAIL : gabriel.neve at imbe.fr

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