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For those foreigners, etc, would you give some more details,

dates of birth and passing?
Maybe education, regular work, etc.

And mostly importantly a list of his major papers or those with new species.

I suspect that I may be missing some as I only have a single species listed in our Systema Dipterorum (Pipizella speighti Verlinden 1999)

Obviously, I do have his major 1994 (Hoverflies ...of Beligum) done with Decleer and his 1994 (Faune de Belgique) work


Chris Thompson

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Dear all, the news has been spread before locally, however, it has not reached the community outside Belgium I think. This spring Luc Verlinden passed away. Luc was the true pioneer of expert Belgian Syrphidae faunistics, however, he soon also specialised in Alpine Syrphidae. He probably is best known for its contributions – several excellent taxonomic papers eg on Cheilosia and Pipizella with the description of a new taxon. People that study the Western European fauna will remember his books too, with their magnificent drawings. These books have educated and inspired many of the people that do study syrphids today, including me. He was unable to continue his valuable work the past ten years due to a most unfortunate accident – his merits cannot be underestimated though. Above all he was a true gentleman loved by all people that have cooperated with him. He will be missed.


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