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Santos Rojo santos.rojo at ua.es
Tue Jan 29 09:10:10 GMT 2013

Dear Grigory

One of our students it is working in a PhD-project about multiple 
aspects of Eritalis and Eristalinus larval and imaginal biology 
relative to artificial breeding. This project will be defended very 
As Francis indicate it is very difficult to find information about 
larval densities or intraspecific competition. We sample in pig farms 
looking for eristaline larvae (mainly slurry) and as Wouter indicate, 
it is really incredible the quantity of larvae that apparently could 
develop. We do not know the scale of this densities but it is sure 
that also high percentages of mortalities could exist.

We develop several lab experiments about this subject with E. tenax 
and two species of Eristalinus. In the lab experiments the results 
indicate that, the effect to increase larval density causes an 
increase in the periods of development, a reduction in the survival 
and a reduction in final size of the imagoes. This will be published 
also soon, but for example densities of 20-40-60 L-1 E. tenax with 
200 ml liquid media survive more than 60% in most cases in some 
media, but in other cases this percentage reduce until 30% or less 
with 100 L-1 initial density...

Best regards



>Dear Francis and Wouter,
>Many thanks for replies! This is very valuable information for my 
>colleagues from StPeterburg University (Russia). Indeed, very little 
>data on the density of the Eristalis larvae in the open literature. 
>Once again very grateful!
>Best regards,
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