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Hi Gregory,

I have seen Eristalis tenax and Eristalinus aeneus emerging from a liquid manure storage. We found hunderds of E. tenax emerged from a storage beneath a cowshed of maybe 200 m2. Probably we saw only part of the flies. So that is at the very least one emerging fly per day per m2. I could not see how many larvae were in the manure, but that will have been many many more.

Myathropa florea could reach comparable densities in little pools at the base of beech Fagus sylvaticus. In a little waterbody of 20*20 cm and 10 cm deep you could find several larvae. So that is in the lower range of the numbers Francis gives.
No literature references, just my own observations.


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hi Grigory


I have not come across any proper estimates of larval densities in the field for Eristalis tenax. There are some for other Eristalis  and Eristalinus species in Egypt from monthly surveys in, for example, sewage settling ponds. These vary from about 3 to about 60 larvae per 900 cm² surface in a gravel-bed hydroponic system where the water is 30 cms deep. This is about 30 to 650 larvae per m² water surface.


The reference for this:

Mahmoud MAM (1997) Ecological and microbiological studies on syrphid larvae inhabiting sewage water. MSc Thesis, Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University, Egypt. 149 pp. (in English with arabic abstract)






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Hi, friends,

Please, can anyone tell what is the maximum (and "normal") density of Eristalis tenax larvae in nature microhabitat (may be with literature references)?

In "The Natural History of Hoverflies" there are no...


Best regards, Grigory Popov.

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