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Sorry, thanks to Chris' reply I realize that my previous message was not totally accurate.
Besides Metadon inermis Loew and M. mynthes Seguy (the species I already mentioned), there are two other described Afrotropical species with black thorax and reddish abdomen: Microdon erythros Bezzi & M. luteivenris Bezzi (note difference in generic placement!). Apart from differences between the genera Metadon and Microdon, which cannot be readily seen on the photograph, the latter two species (erythros and luteiventris) differ from the first two by their clear wings (dusky in inermis & mynthes) and the absence of lateral patches of silverish pile on the tergites. 
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P.S.: The paper on Microdontinae just published in ZooKeys is open access, so anyone can download it for free.


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By the traditional classification, this is Microdon and in the last published key to Afrotropical Microdon (Curran 1938, American Museum Novitates 1009, page 4) the image runs to erythros Bezzi . 


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hi everyone
Anyone any idea what species this is?
It's from Lusaka in Zambia
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