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Chris Thompson xelaalex at cox.net
Wed Jan 25 16:28:12 GMT 2012

Wonderful, Jeroen:

I look forward to seeing my copy of Dipterists Digest.

Has the printed version of the journal (that is, the official ICZN version) 
been distributed yet?

Sorry to be an old fashioned traditional nomenclaturalist, but ...

AND please forgive me for using your e-mail announcement to address a 
serious question that DOES not relate to your recent accomplishment 

We, in the flower fly community, are not the worst today (we don't have Andy 
Lehrer!), but still ...

What of Christian Kassebeer's Dipteron? The last issue I have received is 
2002, volume 4, issue 2.

And of Volucella, the last issue I have received is 2007, band 8.

Has any one seen anything of Sergey's Journal of Dipterological Research? I 
would be greatly interested in knowing what issues you have received. My 
last was 2007, volume 18, issue 1. BUT my set has many missing issues, which 
some of which were never formally published. For example, the infamous 
volume 6, issue 3, on pipunculids.

And years ago there was Kumar Ghorpade's Colemannia.

ALL this becomes CRITICAL now as I do hope with the support of this syrphid 
community and others to finalize and publish an updated World catalog of the 
flower flies in the MYIA series.

As many of you already know, I have been retired a few years. Hence, I need 
to finalize various projects. So, I am trying very hard to focus on larger 
ones, like my over-due revision of Nearctic Flower flies, my Costa Rican 
flower fly work, and more recently with Martin Hauser, the "Mad"agascar 
flower flies.

So, at least for a WORLD catalog and summary of flower fly research I do 
hope you will help me. And questions like the above are what I really need 
help on.



from home

F. Christian Thompson

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Dear All

My paper "Steenis, J. van and Lucas, J.A.W. 2011. Revision of the
West-Palaearctic species of Pipizella Rondani, 1856 (Diptera, Syrphidae)
Dipterists Digest 2011 18, 127-180" is out.

It is a large paper and takes about 4 Mb in two separate PDF files. Anyone
interested can reply to me and I will send it personally.

Best wishes, Jeroen.

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