[Syrphidae] Dasysyrphus venustus agg.?

Frank Van de Meutter Frank.VandeMeutter at Bio.kuleuven.be
Sat Feb 11 12:37:12 GMT 2012

Hi all
I was just wondering whether there is some progress (published?) in the 
taxonomy of Dasysyrphus venustus? For years now I read here and there 
that this species is to be split into different new taxa. I myself when 
going through my collection find indead large variation in shape of 
spots on abdomen and face, and to some extent in the dusting, but I also 
have one indivudual clearly standing out morphologically from all others 
by having a protruding face and very narrow mouth. I have not had the 
time to compare genitalia.

Any information would be helpfull.



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