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Bergh, Chris schreef op 2012-12-06 15:59: 

> Hello
> I have an MS student who is finishing up his thesis on
aspects of the intraguild interactions between the Pipizine, Heringia
calcarata, and the parasitoid of its woolly apple aphid host, A. mali.
As part of his studies, he used choice and no-choice feeding experiments
comparing the number of aphids consumed in relation to their stage of
parasitization (non-parasitized, early stage of parasitization, and
mummified aphids), and found significant effects. I am aware of syrphid
studies looking at oviposition discrimination by female flies according
to parasitism, but am wondering whether any of you know of other studies
on larval discrimination? 
> Thanks! 
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> Dear all 
> Here is some
information from Anatolii about a couple of things to do with the
> "I have consulted with our administration and I can
help with visas only for Novosibirsk and the excursion to Teletskoe
Lake. Those colleagues who would like to go elsewhere in the Altai after
the symposium, I will help as much as I can, but I cannot help anyone to
go to the border areas, which requires a long and detailed process for
permission. At least one group is planning to go to Semibskii Pass and
its environs, which should be fine. 
> "We decided to go overnight by
coach to and from Teletskoe Lake in order to save time and money on the
hotel. Although it is not very comfortable to sleep on the coach, by
doing so we save two days for collecting insects, plus we do not have to
spend money on extra nights in the hotel. 
> "If anyone would like to
stay in Novosibirsk after the 26th June, we can reserve additional rooms
in the hotel in the city of Novosibirsk." 
> Best wishes 
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