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Hello Francis,

I think it might be wise to take the vaccination serious, I red this in a trip report for Lake Teletskoye:

.....Ticks were very abundant in the woods around Lake Teletskoye. After a short walk, it was
normal to find 5-10 ticks crawling on your legs or sleeves......

best wishes,


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hi everyone
Further to my recent email, Anatolii has found out that against the type of encephalitis in the Altai, the Tomsk vaccine works best. The Moscow vaccine is less effective, while the Austrian/German vaccine only works against European forms of encephalitis, not those of the Altai.
In case you cannot get vaccinated, do not worry. Thousands of unvaccinated people visit the Altai every year and only a few get bitten by mites and ticks, only a very small proportion of which carry encephalitis. It’s just a precautionary measure.
This was the same for my visit some years ago to the Far East. The risk is low of being bitten by a tick that carries the disease. Very few local people suffered. But sometimes the consequences can be serious.
Again, please forward this email to anyone who might not be on the list.
With best wishes, and thanks
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