[Syrphidae] Melanostoma

Erik Sjödin erik.sjodin at knusnatur.se
Thu Apr 28 08:43:26 BST 2011

Dear Syrphidae-fans,
I´m sure you have answered this question before, but since I was not
there to listen:
In van Veen 2004 I for years determined my Melanostoma using the figure
646 on page 136. The picture contradicts the message in the text, and I
do not know which is right. For long I thought that the picture was
accurate, but since it also contradicts the message in our Swedish key
(Bartsch, H. D. 2009 et al.) I now have to ask someone. Unforturnately
our Swedish expert is no longer to ask I would like to ask You.
N Erik Sjödin
Knus Natur
Gånsta 3
745 97 Enköping
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