[Syrphidae] Syrphid strange behaviour

岩井秀樹 aphidophagoussyrphid at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 07:00:05 BST 2011

 Dear ALL

Hello. I studied the mating behaviour of *Episyrphus balteatus* about ten
years ago in Japan. I have been a question about the strange behaviour for a
long time.

I observed the strange behavior in twilight in the evening. The behavior
was  that the female and male of *E. balteatus* faced each other and fell
down in the air in twilight in the evening. I observed it in insectarium and
the cage. I estimated it was the mating behavior at that time.

However, I know the mating behaviour that *E. balteatus* male rides on the
female from some papers so I suspect my result considerably.

I want to ask syrphidae colleagues if someone have observed *E.
balteatus*took the strange behaviour. Have someone seen the behaviour
in the rearing

Best wishes
Hideki Iwai

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