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I would suggest Stanislaw Batys Górski (1802-64), Bielorussian entomologist and professor in Vilnius. He described some Diptera in his 'Analecta ad entomographiam....(1852)], including the fabulous Sphecomyia vespiformis (Gorski, 1852) [olim Typenhauzia vespiformis Gorski] which he collected in the surroundings of Vilnius on the 24th of May 1846 and also on the 6th of June the same year. Thus, it is certain that he made collecting of Diptera in Lithuania. The time period suggested below also supports this hypothesis. Unfortunately, it seems like Gorski's collection was lost (officially]. Single specimens or smaller amounts of his insects may, however, very well have survived or might have been incorporated into other collections. 

//Mikael S. in Lund

On 10/21/10 10:56 AM, Andrius wrote: 
  Dear Paul, André and Kumar,
 As Paul has correctly pointed out, my initial intention is to find
the original description of that Scaeva lithuanica, if one exists at
 As the meaning of "mihi" in latin was clear to me and there are
rather few creatures with a name "lithuanica", I thought this could
ease the finding of the very person who identified this specimen, so
most probably other old specimens of howerflies and other flies in our
 André, the first picture with Chrysotoxum illustrates the similarity
of the labels, possibly written by the same person at the same time
period of 1840-1844.
 Thanks everyone for suggestions!
	Scaeva lithuanica author (??).  You will need to check Sack's or
	Rotheray & Thompson's Palaearctic work or Thomspon's World database
	to see if this species is listed (indexed ?) there at least as a synonym.
	"Mihi" meanbs 'mine' in Latin and refers to the author who has
	written the label.  The specimens ar not properly visible to give a genus name at least.
	Dr Kumar Ghorpade, B.Sc.(Agri.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Entomol.).
	Andre, in those days 'mihi' was added to denote 'mine', or 'by me'.
	Inconvenient if you do not know who the specimen was identified by, so it is
	now hoped someone will recognise the writing or know of a manuscript or even
	publication containing the name. Your 'You will have to find his
	description.'was the exact intention of the initial post, I think. ;)
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