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Hello every one,
Is someone can tell me if the volume 52 is a pblication available when a member of the list ? In this case how is it to get ?
Thank you in advance for your answers
Best Wishes 

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De: Bergh, Chris <cbergh at vt.edu>
Objet: [Syrphidae] Question about mating E. balteatus
À: "syrphidae at lists.nottingham.ac.uk" <syrphidae at lists.nottingham.ac.uk>
Date: Jeudi 18 mars 2010, 20h50


I understand that E. balteatus is relatively easily reared in captivity. If individuals are captured in the field and then placed in captivity will they mate and oviposit readily or does it require a number of generations in captivity for this to occur regularly and predicatably?

Any feedback gratefully received.

Cheers - Chris Bergh
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