[Syrphidae] Question about mating E. balteatus

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Hi Chris,
Yes, it is pretty reliable, but early season individuals are a little more reliable to
breed from than later ones.  In the past I have maintained a culture using dwarf broad
bean plants and pea aphids, but it is quite labour intensive. They also tend to behave
better in larger groups in flight cages. Another way of establishing a culture is to buy
puparia from a biological control supplier. I tend to do this now to obtain adults for
student projects, but the genetic diversity is less clear.

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>>> "Bergh, Chris" <cbergh at vt.edu> 18 March 2010 19:50 >>>

I understand that E. balteatus is relatively easily reared in captivity. If individuals
are captured in the field and then placed in captivity will they mate and oviposit readily
or does it require a number of generations in captivity for this to occur regularly and

Any feedback gratefully received.

Cheers - Chris Bergh
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