[Syrphidae] Call for Brachyopa obscura data

Bartsch, Hans D hans.bartsch at telia.com
Wed Jun 2 08:22:00 BST 2010

Hello Bastiaan,
The known Scandinavian distribution is as shown in my book No.2. The real 
distribution is probabely larger as it seems to be a quite overlooked 
species - in the Stockholm area at least locally abundant at bases of 
Populus tremula (infested with larvae of Lepidoptera? or Coleoptera?). I 
guess it can be found in many places where there is plenty of Populus 
Best wishes

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> Dear all,
> I am looking for data (for a map) about Brachyopa obscura to prepare an 
> article
> about the specie. Any info, references and articles would be welcome.
> kind regards,
> Bastiaan Wakkie
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