[Syrphidae] temperature thresholds

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Hi Mike,  have you whole text and drawings of publication Dusek Láska (1974a 
and 1974b)? I believe it will be useful for your study about plasticity. 
Also my first work (Láska, 1959) could be useful. All works vere published 
in less known Journals and I could manage the sending its.

It paids also for further syrphidologists.

Best wishes              Pavel Láska

Hi Brigitte, I not know if I informed you, that in your historic sample from 
Emirates was living Cheilomenes sexmaculata, what material was used for 
breedings of colleague Ruzicka, who found the oviposition-dettering 
pheromone .      All the best           Pavel
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Hi Mike,

Perhaps more peripherally relevant is the following

Holloway GJ, Marriott CG, Crocker HJ (1997) Phenotypic plasticity in
hoverflies: the relationship between colour pattern and season in Episyrphus
balteatus and other Syrphidae. Ecol Ent 22, 425-432.

Am guessing you're after more specific temperature ranges but still.

All the best,


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Hi Mike

Here are the studies of the temperature effects on development that I know
of. They include some that estimate the developmental threshold. Let me know
if you need pdfs of any of them:

Heal JR (1989a) Variation and seasonal changes in hoverfly species:
interactions between temperature, age and genotype. Biol J Linn Soc 36:

Kendall DA (1985) Rearing and use of <Eristalis>. unpublished ms

Ottenheim MM (1997) The evolution and function of phenotypic plasticity of
<Eristalis> hoverflies. PhD Thesis, University of Leiden, the Netherlands

Collier RH & Finch S (1992) The effects of temperature on development of the
large narcissus fly (<Merodon equestris>). Ann Appl Biol 120(3): 383-390

Zabirov ShM (1963) [ On the ecology of the onion-bulb fly, <Eumerus
strigatus> Fall. (Diptera, Syrphidae) ]. K ekologii lykovoi zhurchalki
<Eumerus strigatus> Fall. (Diptera, Syrphidae). Ent Obozr 42: 736-743

Deeb MA El (1976) Ecological and biological studies on <Eumerus amoenus>
Loew and its control. MSc Thesis, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagazig
University, Egypt

Gendy RH (1978) Biological studies on certain onion flies and their control.
MSc Thesis, Faculty of Agriculture, Ein-Shams Univ, Egypt


Dusek J & Laska P (1974b) Influence of temperature during pupal development
on the colour of syrphid adults (Syrphidae, Diptera). Folia Fac Sci Nat Univ
Purkynianae Brunensis, Biol. 15: 77-81

Karelin VD & Bradovskaya NP (1974) [ Effects of permanent temperature and
humidity on the development of the preimaginal stages of <Scaeva
(Lasiophthicus) pyrastri> L. (Diptera - Syrphidae) ]. Vliyaniye postoyannoi
temperaturui i vlazhnosti na razvitiyepreimaginalnuikh stadii <Scaeva
(Lasiophthicus) pyrastri> L. (Diptera - Syrphidae). pp 31-34 in Entomophags,
phytophags and microorganisms in plant protection. AA Kuzin (ed), Stiinca,
Kishinev. 88 pp

Rabbinge R, Ankersmit GW & Pak GA (1979) Epidemiology and simulation of
population development of <Sitobion avenae> in winter wheat. Neth J Plant
Path 85: 197-220

Adams THL, Chambers RJ & Dixon AFG (1987) Quantification of the impact of
hoverflies on cereal aphids in winter wheat - laboratory rates of kill. Ent
Exp & Appl 43: 153-157

Chambers RJ (1986) Preliminary experiments on the potential of hoverflies
(Diptera: Syrphidae) for the control of aphids under glass. Entomophaga 31:

Ankersmit GW, Dijkman H, Keuning NJ, Mertens H, Sins A & Tacoma H (1986)
<Episyrphus balteatus> as a predator of the aphid <Sitobion avenae> on
winter wheat. Ent Exp & Appl 42: 271-277

Saidov AKh (1974) [ The effect of various factors on the growth and
development of syrphid larvae ]. Vliyaniye razlichnuikh faktorov na rost i
razvitiye lichinok sirfid. Uzbekskii Biol Zh 1974(1): 47-49

Tenhumberg B & Poehling H-M (1992a) [ Laboratory studies on estimating the
potential predatory efficiency of <Episyrphus balteatus> (Diptera:
Syrphidae) ]. Laboruntersuchungen zur Abschätzung der potentiellen
Prädationsleistung von <Episyrphus balteatus> (Diptera: Syrphidae). Mitt
Biol Bund Land- Forstw, Berlin-Dahlem 283-373

Soleyman-Nezhadiyan E & Laughlin R (1998) Voracity of larvae, rate of
development in eggs, larvae and pupae, and flight seasons of adults of the
hoverflies <Melangyna viridiceps> Macquart and <Simosyrphus grandicornis>
Macquart (Diptera: Syrphidae). Austr J Ent 37(3): 243-248

Geusen-Pfister H (1987) [ Studies on the biology and reproductive capacity
of <Episyrphus balteatus> Deg. (Diptera: Syrphidae) under greenhouse
conditions ]. Untersuchungen zur Biologie und zum Reproduktionsvermögen von
<Episyrphus balteatus> Deg. (Dipt., Syrphidae) unter Gewächshausbedingungen.
J Appl Ent 104: 261-270

Medvey M (1988) On the rearing of <Episyrphus balteatus> (DeG) (Diptera:
Syrphidae) in the laboratory. pp 61-63 in Ecology and effectiveness of
aphidophaga E Niemczyk & AFG Dixon (eds), SPB Academia Publishing, the
Hague, Netherlands

He Jilong, Sun Xingquan, Gui Longme & Ye Wenjuan (1990) [ A preliminary
study of the bionomics of a flower fly, <Eupeodes corollae> (Fabricius)
(Diptera, Syrphidae) in Shanghai ]. J Shanghai Agric College 8: 221-228

He Jilong, Sun X, Ye W, Shen L, Cai Y & Li Z (1992) [ Preliminary studies on
the bionomics of <Episyrphus balteatus> (De Geer) (Diptera: Syrphidae) in
Shanghai ]. J Shanghai Agric College 10(1): 35-43

Hart AJ, Bale JS & Fenlon JS (1997) Developmental threshold, day-degree
requirements and voltinism of the aphid predator <Episyrphus balteatus>
(Diptera: Syrphidae). Ann Appl Biol 130(3): 427-437

Best wishes


Dr Francis Gilbert
website: www.nottingham.ac.uk/~plzfg
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Hi Folks
can anybody help with temperature threshold info for syphids to allow
day-degrees to be to used to model development time of Eristalis,
Melanostoma and Melangyna species?
Your help would be much appreciated.

Mike Bowie
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