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Hi Mike,
I assume you know the following reference?
Dusek, J. & P. Laska 1974. Overwintering and spring emergence of some
common species of aphidophagous syrphids (Syrphidae, Diptera). - Folia
Facultatis Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Purkynianae Brunensis
(Biologia) 15: 71-75.
They present some data on the the influence of temperature on the
development of species of Eupeodes, Syrphus, Sphaerophoria and


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Hi Matthew
thanks for your info. We are trying to model development times in field
so need the minimum threshold temperature that syrphids (particularly of
the Genus Eristalis, Melanostoma and Melangyna) will develop to be able
to calculate degree days. Given the lack of responses, any species would
be useful.

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