[Syrphidae] SENEGAL - asilid key for James

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Hi james, 

Here is an Afro-tropical asilidae key and other bits for bombyliidae etc. Not specifically Tanzania but at least it is something to go at!

Oldroyd, H (1969-1970) Asilidae of the Congo basin in Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Entomology. Vol 24. I. You can find it and the keys and info at  http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/2314389#8

You can search this site for other diptera. 

Best of luck!


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Hello,An understandable difficulty.I have lived in Tanzania, for five years now, and yet would welcome any directions at all to any sources of information regarding the larger and more spectacular afrotropical flies.e.g. Syrphidae, Tabanidae, Asilidae etc.

Many thanks for any leads,James

On 12 Jan 2010, at 20:32, Cyrille DUSSAIX wrote:  Hi,
 For a friend who will travel in Senegal this summer.
 Are there any publications about hoverflies in the country (or region).
 Thank you for your responses.
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