[Syrphidae] Sad news: Jan Lucas passed away

Wouter van Steenis w.v.steenis at casema.nl
Sun Nov 1 20:13:39 GMT 2009

Dear all,

At the age of 83 Jan Lucas died last Tuesday. He was a good Syrphidae 
taxonomist and an extraordinary collector. Many newly described species from 
Europe are at least partly based on material collected by Jan. He was the 
last living member of a group of three that really inspired and excellerated 
Syrphidae research in the Netherlands in the 1960's and onwards, together 
with Volkert van der Goot and Bob van Aartsen.

Jeroen and I intend to write an In Memoriam for Volucella, including 
bibliography, described species and species named after Jan. We appreciate 
contributions if you have interesting stories to include or names to add. I 
think we have a rather complete list of his Syrphidae publications.


Wouter van Steenis
Vogelmelk 4
NL 3621 TP Breukelen
The Netherlands

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