[Syrphidae] FW: A new record of Iran

Dr Kumar Ghorpade blossomfly1973 at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jan 1 14:14:39 GMT 2007

Mrs Mehrabi,
      I do not like doing IDs from images for species other than the most common and widespread ones.  The right image is probably of a small specimen of crenulatus as you have determined it.  Please check my paper with Chris Thompson (USA) on Oriental Paragus published in 1992 in my journal Colemania.  If you send me your postal address I could send a reprint (hardcopy oif current terminology !) to you late January.  I am out on a month-loing expedition right now and will be back to my lab only 23rd January.  Until then, kind regards and best wishes for a great 2007 to all syrphidologist colleagues. 

Gilbert Francis <Francis.Gilbert at nottingham.ac.uk> wrote:
      Happy New Year everyone ! Very best wishes for 2007 
  Can anyone help our Iranian colleague with an ID, please ?
  Dear Francis Gilbert
I hope you be health and have a beautiful life with your family.
As you know I am working with Iranian syrphidae.
whould you mind checking this picture (the right one). Is my identiication
I need some information about Paragus crenulatus (contain :  biology, World
distribution, key and morphology).
I grateful for your kindness.
with best wishes.
Mrs. Mehrabi. from Iran.

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