[Syrphidae] adress and email change

christian thompson cthompson at sel.barc.usda.gov
Wed Mar 22 17:30:44 GMT 2006


Tell us what you are up to? What is your new job? Etc.

I read the "Biodiversitätsdynamik" as something about biodiversity dynamatics.

So, are you doing trend analyses for insects? Flies? or just flower flies?

Has the ALARM report on flower flies been published?


F. Christian Thompson
Systematic Entomology Lab., USDA
c/o Smithsonian Institution
MRC-0169 NHB
PO Box 37012
Washington, DC 20013-7012
(202) 382-1800 voice
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cthompso at sel.barc.usda.gov e-mail
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>>> frank.dziock at tu-berlin.de 03/22/06 12:17PM >>>

Dear syrphid friends!

this is to inform you that I changed my working position from Leipzig to 
Berlin and with it my contact details.

Please change my email-adress in your adress books.

Lets hope that spring will soon come and with it the first syrphids. No 
sign of them here in Berlin, 2 degrees C :-)

Best wishes from Berlin,



Prof. Dr. Frank Dziock

Fachgebiet Biodiversitätsdynamik

der TU Berlin

Rothenburgstr. 12

D - 12165 Berlin



Tel: 030 -- 314 71368

Fax: 030 -- 314 71355




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