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Dr Kumar Ghorpade blossomfly1973 at yahoo.co.in
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Dear Irina,     
     This is a great idea and I am all for helping you in whatever way I can, but being based in a non-European country. Taxonomy and all inclusive bioecological focuses pertaining to the Oriental Syrphidae fauna can be covered for you.  Chris is right and the hover-flies are an attractive and widespread group, but the taxonomy is still far from complete and much more sampling is required in very rich tropical areas, especially for the Eristalinae (“Milesinae” and Microdontinae).     
      The EDIT draft is not too clear about actual goals and methods to achieve them but the CATE one is well drafted. I am doing something like this for the birds of the Indian sub-continent and attracting both experts ("Exploring Conductors") and field-oriented amateurs ("Mixed Hunting Parties" !) to work together towards not only a more accurate  illustrated field guide (the 3-4 already published recently by foreign authors need improvement) but also to ultimately generate a comprehensive database on the Ornithology of India and neighbouring areas, based on better species concepts and parameters being biogeographical, not political. Good luck on your task and please consider me "available."  Cheers,

Dr Kumar Ghorpade, B.Sc.(Agri.),M.Sc.,Ph.D (Entomol.). 
Smithsonian Institution (U.S.A.) Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1982-1983) researching Oriental Syrphidae, Sciomyzidae and Ephydridae (Diptera). 
Currently: Post-Graduate Teacher & Research Associate in Systematic Entomology, Department of Agricultural Entomology,University of Agricultural Sciences, Krishi Nagar, Dharwar 580 005, Karnataka (INDIA). 
Post to: P.O. Box 221, K.C. Park Post Office, Dharwar 580 008, INDIA. 
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