[Syrphidae] Unifiying revisionary taxonomy of Syrphidae?

romig romig at uni-hohenheim.de
Tue Jun 13 12:37:33 BST 2006

This sounds like an exciting proposal, and I am certainly willing to 
help. I am a zoologist, but not a specialist in taxonomy, so  I could 
see my contribution in the section reviewing, editing, evaluating etc.


On Montag, Juni 12, 2006, at 07:11  Uhr, irina brake wrote:

> Dear syrphid workers,
> the European Commission has funded EDIT, the European Distributed 
> Institute of Taxonomy 
> (http://www.mnhn.fr/museum/foffice/science/science/Recherche/rub-recherche/
> som-recherche/fiche-_____________________

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