[Syrphidae] Syrphids from Manhattan

David Iliff davidiliff at talk21.com
Sun Jun 11 20:14:05 BST 2006

  Images Manhattan 1 and Manhattan 1a are Toxomerus. I am pretty certain they are T. geminatus.
  Best wishes,

André van Eck <a.van.eck at hccnet.nl> wrote:
          Last week I was in Manhattan, without net though...
  Found some syrphids at a nice little mutual garden. Any ideas about the species?
  One Eristalis I couldn't get on digit film (looked like a Eristalis interrupta female, with its unspotted abdomen and white hindmargins of tergites). Also around was Syritta pipiens (I assume it is this species).
  Friendly greetings, André
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