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Hi Ludovic,
   Perhaps you have got what you asked for but here is something that may interest you.  
   J.L. Nayar from 1964 to 1966 published 10 papers on Episyrphus "balteatus" in India.  One paper is on "Reproductive system and external genitalia of Syrphus balteatus De Geer (Diptera : Syrphiudae) published in Indian Journal of Entomology, 27: 31-45.  
   J. Dusek & P. Laska (1986)  Life cycle strategies of aphidophagous syrphids (Minireview) in I. Hodek [ Ed. ]  Ecology of Aphidophaga. Academia, Prague and Dr W. Junk, Dordrecht.  This book may have something or lead references ?
    There is also P. Goeldlin de Tiefenau's 1974 paper on west Swiss Syrphidae in Mitt. Schweiz. ent. Ges., 47: 151-252.  [a paper that may have some more leads ? 
    My work on Oriental and that of Vockeroth's on Afrotropical Episyrphus species found several distinct species called "balteatus" earlier.  Curran's papers on Malayan Syrphidae are also good on this genus. 
    Good luck !

Ludovic Arnaud <arnaud.l at fsagx.ac.be> wrote:

Dear All,

I am looking for information about Episyprhus balteatus mating behaviour. 
Could anyone help me ? I searched in different databases but I did not find 
any paper, report etc about that aspect of their biology.

Thanks in advance.

All the best, Ludovic 

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