[Syrphidae] colombian Syrphidae

Nancy Carrejo ncarrejo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 15:20:23 BST 2005

I am currently working the colombian Syrphidae fauna, using the
Thompson, 1999 key. I have some questions I would like you to help me
to resolve.

First, we have some specimens that we believe to be Platycherious,
that appears to have an anteriorly produced face, without strong black
setae on protibia, and with pale colored strips on the tergum.

Second, is it possible the existence of Talahua specimens, with a
tubercled face?

Third, Can Ceriogaster specimens have an incomplete postmetacoxal bridge?

I thank you for your support,

Nancy Carrejo
Universidad del Valle
Cali, Colombia

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