[Syrphidae] 3rd International Symposium on Syrphidae

Brigitte Howarth bhowarth at emirates.net.ae
Sun Jul 24 00:13:55 BST 2005


I'm also sorry that I'm unable to attend the Symposium, however, university 
resumes at the end of August here in the UAE and so it is not possible. I 
wish everyone well and am sure the Leiden team will ensure a fantastic and 
memorable meeting.


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Dear friends and colleagues,

Steadily the 1st of September approaches!
We have received more than 70 registrations, so it seems we can look forward 
to a pleasant and interesting meeting.
We would like to draw your attention to the following matters.

Some of you who have pre-registered themselves still have not sent in their 
definitive registration. Please do so quickly! The registration form can be 
found on www.naturalis.nl/syrphidae

So far we have received only a small number of payments. Please be aware 
that the registration fee should be paid in advance, BEFORE AUGUST 1st. 
After that date the registration fee will be higher. Details concerning 
payment can be found on our website (www.naturalis.nl/syrphidae).

The deadline for sending in abstracts of your presentations was July 1st. We 
urge anyone who has not sent in his or her abstract to do this before the 
end of July! Otherwise we will not be able to include your abstract in the 
abstracts volume.

We look forward to see all of you in Leiden!

Best wishes,
the organising committee,

Menno Reemer
John Smit
Wouter van Steenis
Willem Renema
Mark van Veen
Aat Barendregt
Laurens van der Leij
Theo Zeegers

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