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    The Bezzi collection in Milan is a very rich collection. Unfortunately the species are not well labelled and are placed in small boxes full of specimens so it is not always clear where one specie finished and another one begin. In any case I found the type of Chrysotoxum continuum. The last time I visit the collection the curator was Fabrizio Rigato (Hymnoptera Formicidae specialist). Later I wrote him but with no answer. 

I hope that these information can be of any help.

Daniele Sommaggio
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  Hello Jens-Hermann

  My greetings and best wishes.  I wrote to Dr C. Leonardi for the Afrotropical types of Cladoderris silvestrii Bezzi, 1915 [and Prof. E. Tremblay (Portici)], but the types could not be found. I didn't have an email address, but wrote snail-mail. 

  Good luck


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