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Sorry, Nancy, but ...

Yes, Platycheirus, subgenus Carposcalis, does occur in higher elevation
in the Andes. So, your specimen may be this subgenus, but without the
setae on protibia or on profemur, I would guess you have something else
like Argentinomyia.

Yes, there is possibility that a Talahua species may occur in the
northwestern Neotropics with a tuberculate face.

NO, there is no possibility that Sterphus, subgenus Ceriogaster,
specimens occur without a postmetacoxal bridge.

The problems of the Neotropics are that the fauna is very large and
much of it is unknown. Years ago Graham and I would have told you that
NO syrphine would ever be found to be phytophagous. Then a graduate
student in Costa Rica found a leaf-mining Allograpta in Costa Rica. So,
while I think I know Neotropical flower fly (adults), I know students
will find more surprises for us. And Colombia is a great country for

The best way for you to become better acquainted with the Neotropical
flower fly fauna is to come here for a visit. Our funds are limited but
we do provide support for students. See the notice about the Williston
Diptera Research Fund at
http://www.sel.barc.usda.gov/Diptera/willisto.htm  This applies to
Nancy and any one else.

As this response is also going to the list server, etc., permit me to

HOW MANY on this syrphidae list server are actively interested in
Neotropical flower flies?

HOW MANY would be interested in a "short course" on the generic
identification of New World, mainly Neotropical, flower flies? If there
is sufficient interest, I would be happy to give such a course at the
next Syrphidae Workshop in Leiden this September. Graham, Manuel Zumbado
and I have just completed our chapter for the forth-coming Manual to the
Diptera of Central America. We would love to have people test our keys!

So, please let me know either directly or to the list server.


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>>> Nancy Carrejo <ncarrejo at gmail.com> 03/31/05 02:20PM >>>
I am currently working the colombian Syrphidae fauna, using the
Thompson, 1999 key. I have some questions I would like you to help me
to resolve.

First, we have some specimens that we believe to be Platycherious,
that appears to have an anteriorly produced face, without strong black
setae on protibia, and with pale colored strips on the tergum.

Second, is it possible the existence of Talahua specimens, with a
tubercled face?

Third, Can Ceriogaster specimens have an incomplete postmetacoxal

I thank you for your support,

Nancy Carrejo
Universidad del Valle
Cali, Colombia

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