[Syrphidae] seeking informations about hoverflies in New-Zealand

christian thompson syrphidae@nottingham.ac.uk
Wed, 10 Nov 2004 09:40:58 -0500

For years I have been working on a revision of this fauna and sorry to
say that has not yet been finished. I hope to have my key to genera and
new genus description out soon. Watch ZooTaxa. The monograph will take

However, I am always happy to work with others, to share manuscript
keys, etc.

The key players in New Zealand are:

Rod MacFarlane. He is the most active worker. rod.pam@xtra.co.nz
Trevor Crosby. He is the curator, etc., of the New Zealand National
Insect Collection at Landcare, etc.


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>>> x.lair@laposte.net 11/10/04 06:59AM >>>
Thanks to everyone that can give me informations about hoverflies in

What is the best documentation available?(books, keys, internet...)
Who are the specialists in this country? Is there some structures to
help me leading some search? (associations, museum, University...).

I'm french, and I went in New-Zealand the first time in 2000. I loved
the friendly people and the beautiful landscape of this country. I'm
also kind of nature: I spend most of my time looking at the wildlife,
studying especially hoverflies since 4 years with some friends in
Normandy. That's why I'd like to do the same somewhere in New-Zealand
(for example beetween november and mars for 3 years...).


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