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Wed, 17 Mar 2004 19:02:51 +0300

Dear colleagues,
My work on the subfamily Dolichopodinae is now
formally published. It was started in 1998 and finished more than 2
years ago. Therefore some recent materials have not been included. I am very
sorry that my Institute is not able to send paper copies abroad. If you
wish to get paper copies for your institution library, please transfer
me by any way some money for post
service: 25 USD (or 100 USD for express garantpost) or equivalent in
euro or roubles for one copy plus 10 USD for every additional copy in
the same parcel. Please ask me for details.

Review of Afrotropical Dolichopodinae (Diptera: Dolichopodidae). Igor
Ya. Grichanov. St.Petersburg: VIZR RAAS, 2004. 244p. (Plant Protection
News, Supplement).

Descriptions of 61 new species, new records for known African species
are given. Holotypes of 40 and paratypes of 6 more species have been
examined from the collections of European museums. The genus Katangaia
PARENT is synonymized with Polymedon OSTEN SACKEN, Pseudohercostomus
STACKELBERG with Paracleius BIGOT. The following pairs of species are
also synonymized: Dolichopus flavocrinitus BECKER (=Dolichopus
luteitarsis PARENT), Paracleius confusibilis (PARENT) (=Pelastoneurus
benoiti VANSCHUYTBROECK), Paracleius micrurus (PARENT) (=Paraclius
vadoni VANSCHUYTBROECK), Tachytrechus bracteatus (WIEDEMANN),
(=Hercostomus muscarius SPEISER) and Tachytrechus tessellatus (MACQUART)
(=Hercostomus ponderosus FREY). New name is also given: Polymedon
octavianus nom. nov. for P. longifacies (PARENT), nec BECKER. A revised
catalogue and keys to 8 genera and 164 Afrotropical species of
Dolichopodinae are also presented. 

Sincerely yours, 
Igor Grichanov, 
Institute of Plant Protection 
Shosse Podbelskogo 3, VIZR 
St. Petersburg-Pushkin 196608 

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