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Are you saying that Episyrphus balteatus is now being sold as a
commerical product for insect control?

If so, I would be very much interested in seeing your product catalog
and what promotional information you have on this.

This is a wonderful example of the usefulness of syrphids and should,
therefore, be more widely known, etc.

Once, years ago USDA asked me about the possibility of importing
Episyrphus balteatus for the control of the Russian Wheat Aphid. Our
field teams found it one of the first predators of the aphid in the
early stages of the wheat plant.  Unfortunately, when I explained that
Episyrphus was a  migrator and had a wide host range, so that the
species would propably switch to other aphids when available, etc., they
decided not to use it. Likewise, they found Eupeodes corollae and
Sphaerophoria rueppelli common early predators to the Russian wheat
aphid, but decided not to introduce them given their wide host range,


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>>> JvSchelt@Koppert.nl 01/05/04 08:42AM >>>
Dear Phil and others,
Episyrphus balteatus is a Koppert product (trade name Syrphidend)
It is formulated as 50 pupae on two cards
Kind reagrds,

Jeroen van Schelt
Koppert B.V.
Veilingweg 17
2650 AD 
Berkel en Rodenrijs 
The Netherlands

e-mail: jvschelt@koppert.nl 
tel: + 31 10 5140444

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Hello everyone,

I am a research student at the University of Birmingham, UK, looking
freeze tolerance in Syrphus ribesii. I would also now like to do some
work with Episyrphus balteatus - does anyone keep a culture they would
be happy to supply a sample from, so I could start up my own?


Phil Mason

University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT, UK
(0121) 4145561

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