[Syrphidae] 3rd International Symposium on Syrphidae

Emmanuel Castella Emmanuel.Castella at leba.unige.ch
Wed Dec 8 15:58:40 GMT 2004

Dear organisers
Yes I wish to attend. My form is attached
Thank you for your organisation work and initiative!

Syrphidae a écrit :

>Dear Syrphid friends all over the world,
>Many of you already know, some don't and others are not sure whether to believe it or not. 
>But it's true:
>3rd International Symposium on Syrphidae
>Friday 2  - Sunday 4 September 2005
>Leiden, the Netherlands
>The organizing committee takes pleasure in informing you that the first small steps toward the organization of this meeting have been taken. The meeting will take place in the National Museum of Natural History in Leiden. The organization is supported by European Invertebrate Survey (EIS) - the Netherlands. 
>Although it still seems far away, we would like to get a first impression of the number of people intending to attend the meeting, and the number of presentations we will have to incorporate into the programme. 
>Therefore we kindly ask you to fill in the attached pre-registration form and to return it before January 15 2005 (preferably by e-mail).  
>We expect that the costs for attending the meeting will be around Euro 100,-, but the exact price is still unknown. This does not include the costs for accommodation. Prices for hotels in Leiden start at around Euro 40,- p.p.p.n. We will inform you on this later. 
>We consider trying to arrange funds for (partial) financial compensation of the costs for people from countries with a less expensive economy than The Netherlands. In order to be able to decide whether this is necessary, we ask any potential applicant for this compensation to indicate this on the form. 
>We are also considering organizing a field trip on the day before or the day after the symposium. Please answer the questions concerning this field trip on the pre-registration form. 
>Any other ideas concerning the program or the organization are also welcome. 
>We hope to hear from you all! 
>Best wishes,
>on behalf of the organizing committee,
>Menno Reemer
>John Smit
>Wouter van Steenis
>e-mail: <Syrphidae at naturalis.nl>
>website: <http://www.naturalis.nl/Syrphidae>
> <<Pre-registration.doc>> 
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