[Syrphidae] soil net

Louis, Miguel tmp275@irta.es
Fri, 11 Oct 2002 14:14:48 +0200

Hello, my name is Miguel Louis, I'm a spanish young researcher from the =
Catalonian Agronomic Research and Tecnology Institute (IRTA).

I'm working on Syrphidae (and other pest predators insects) floral (or =
plant) preference. My experiment consists of 96 plant species plots of =
2,25 square meters each, separated by corridors. My problem are the weed =
pests that growth in the corridors wich interfere with my plants. The =
solution is a soil net or blanket wich no allows weed grouth, but there =
is another problem: The colour of the net, =BFBlack or white? A Black =
net will increase the soil temperature, and a white net will decrease =
it. Both options will affect to the ground insects (including the pest =
predators), and there is no intermediate colour soil net (like grey or =
green) in the market.
My question is =BFSomebody know if these changes in temperature could =
change  a lot the results of my experiment?

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