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Mon, 18 Nov 2002 10:12:55 +0000

I collected in south Crete (Plakias area) in April of c 1989. This
co-incided with the peak of the spring flowering and was very good for
aculeates, less so for syrphids ( I think 25-30 species from 1 weeks
collecting). Many of the species were familiar migratory ones e.g. Sph.
rueppellii, Me. auricollis, Eu. corollae, Er. similis. Also lots of big
Merodon's and widespread European sp. e.g Er taeniops, Er. aeneus. Trying
to collect in Spring seems best, before the vegetation gets burnt off.
Apiaceae and Euphorbia flowers especially good. You often have to start
collecting much earlier in the mornings in the Meditteranean. Many species
avoid the heat of the day, and some become more shade-loving than in north
Europe. I identified many of my species using the collection at the BMNH -
but struggled to fing dedicated literature. However, I am not closely
familiar with all the Eurpean literture to hand. Collecting at altitude
could concievably reveal some endemics. Did not bother with permits, have
no idea about the legislation!

Good luck,

Steven Falk, Senior Keeper of Natural History, Warwickshire Museum, GB

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From: "Frank Brozowski" <f.brozowski@nikocity.de>
To: <Syrphidae@nottingham.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 11:42:14 +0100
Subject: [Syrphidae] Syrphidae on Crete

Dear friends,
for next spring I am planning to have a holiday on
Crete (Greece). During that trip I want to collect some
hover flies. So far I do not know very much about the
hover fly fauna of that area and would be grateful for
any information given by others (season, legal
restrictions, literature ...).
Thank you very much in advance!


Dr. Frank Brozowski
F=F6lderichstr. 34
D - 13595 Berlin


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