[Syrphidae] Member of list, here are the plans of field trips in Nicaragua for 2003.

Jean-Michel Maes
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 23:21:37 -0600

Para : Member of list
Pa=EDs : Inglaterra


Dear friends, we are  planned now the field trips in Nicaragua for 2003=2E=

We offer several package but it is always possible to ask for other dates =
if you plan to organise a group=2E The prices are very variables due to th=
e internal plane transport in some trips and depending also if the group s=
tay in lodge or in hotels=2E

Two groups of trips are proposed in 3 different periods each=2E
The first group is organized by the Entomological Museum of Le=F3n by it s=
elf and will be mostly sedentary, intented for people who want mainly coll=
ected during the day and the night=2E

The other group of field trips are organised by Solentiname Tours with ent=
omological support of Entomological Museum of Le=F3n=2E The tour is also i=
ntented for people who want collecting but also see different places=2E=20=


I=2E=09Tours organised by Entomological Museum=2E

3 set of two weeks=2E
Can be taken 1 week separately of two weeks together=2E

Sunday 25 th of May to saturday 31 th of May : Domitila
Sunday 1 st of  June to saturday 7 th of June : Bartola
This one is the best period for scarabs light trapping if rain comes norma=
lly at end of may=2E
New moon (black night) is 31 th of may=2E

Sunday 22 th of June to saturday 28 th of June : Domitila
Sunday 29 th of  June to saturday 5 th of July : Bartola
This one could be very good also for scarabs light trapping=2E
New moon is 29 th June=2E

Sunday 19 th of October to saturday 25 th of October : Domitila
Sunday 26 th of  October to saturday 1 st of November : Bartola
New moon is 25 th October=2E


Domitila Field Station=2E

Near of the city of Granada, the field station of Domitila is inside a Pri=
vate Protected Area, recognized in 2001 by the Environment Ministry=2E The=
 station is completely new, built in 2000/2001=2E A field trip has been do=
ne in 2002=2E

The landscape is a mix of 3 main elements :
remnants of tropical dry forest=2E
Regrowths on old agricultural fields
Acuatic ecosystems as the place is close to the Granada Lake=2E

Schedule :
Day 1 (Sunday) : arrival of people to Hotel Las Mercedes (night in this Ho=
Day 2 : small meeting (half an hour)=2E
transport to Domitila field station=2E
Small introduction on Domitila by the owner=2E
Free time
Light trap collecting=2E
Days 3-4-5 : free time for collecting=2E
Day 6 : collecting in the morning or/and packing=2E
Back to Las Mercedes Hotel in the afternoon (night in Las Mercedes)=2E
Day 7 (saturday) : flying back home=2E

Price : 500 US $ pre-paid=2E
All include (inside Nicaragua travels, hotel, field stations, meals)=2E
Not include : alcoholic beverages, phone calls, visa and airport taxes=2E
Participant number : 12 maximum=2E


Bartola Field Station=2E

Near of the small old town of El Castillo, on the R=EDo San Juan, the fiel=
d station of Bartola is inside a Private Area, joint to the State Protecte=
d Area of Indio-Ma=EDz, the second biggest protected area of Nicaragua=2E =
The field station is on R=EDo Bartola and on R=EDo San Juan, with a very b=
ig rain forest=2E Field trips has been organised here in 2000 and 2002=2E

The landscape is only rainforest, just walking one hundred meters from the=
 station and you are inside the rain forest=2E

Schedule :
Day 1 (sunday) : arrival of people to Hotel Las Mercedes (night in this Ho=
Day 2 : small meeting (half an hour)=2E
Flying to San Carlos=2E
Lunch at San Carlos=2E
Navigation by boat to El Castillo
Navigation to Bartola (reaching at night), installation in rooms=2E
? Light trap collecting=2E
Days 3-4-5 : free time for collecting all the day and night=2E
Day 6 : Boating to El Castillo and San Carlos
Lunch at San Carlos=2E
Flying to Managua=2E
Back to Las Mercedes Hotel in the afternoon (night in Las Mercedes)=2E
Day 7 : flying back home=2E

Price : 700 US $ pre-paid=2E
All include (inside Nicaragua travels, hotel, field stations, meals)=2E
Not include : alcoholic beverages, phone calls, visa and airport taxes=2E
Participant number : 12 maximum=2E


Conditions of the Entomological Museum Field Trips=2E

The field-trips are not entomology courses, they are just organized to mak=
e your travel to Nicaragua easier and cheaper=2E We organize the transport=
 and accommodation in interesting places=2E We also organize the exportati=
on and collecting permits=2E We can understand and speak spanish, french a=
nd english=2E

Collecting permits and agreements :

Each participant sign an agreement with the Entomological Museum=2E In the=
 agreement the participant accepts to send back 1 specimen of each species=
 or a picture of each species he can identify=2E That agreement allows the=
 participant to use the export permits of the Entomological Museum=2E
The collecting permits are valid only for insects and other invertebrates=2E=
 For vertebrates, only observation and photography, no collecting=2E

Collecting facilities :

Each participant will bring with him his own material to work=2E
We will take a generator and one light trap (shared between participants)=2E=

Normally in Bartola field station there is a big generator powering the lo=
dge, so if someone wants to use his own light trap with a long cord from t=
he house it will be possible=2E

What to bring with you :
To work : each participant is responsible to bring and care for his/her ow=
n material=2E In Nicaragua it is possible to find batteries and films but =
it could be very difficult to find parts of specific material=2E Avoid ver=
y heavy material, difficult to bring with you during the day trips=2E
To sleep : Mosquito net are provided locally=2E We will be in humid season=
 so there can fly some mosquitoes in R=EDo San Juan=2E A flashlight=2E
To eat=2E If vegetarian or needing a special diet, please advise with time=
 to the organizer=2E
To smoke : for smokers, remember no smoking in plane, bus and rooms=2E Mos=
t of the common area are opened so smoke will repell mosquitoes=2E
For aquatic transport (there will be aquatic transports to to Bartola, on =
R=EDo San Juan) : think in prepare some big plastic bags to packing the ba=
gs, better if the night before,in the hotel, pack each stuff in a plastic =
bag=2E Also packing some fragile stuff in plastic bags to avoid humidity d=
Security : Nicaragua is a quiet place but we recommend using a belt to put=
 under the clothes, with special pockets to put money, credit cards, plane=
 tickets, passport and other values)=2E Keep apart a xerox of all your pap=
ers=2E As in all countries, keep an eye on your luggage=2E
Medicine : if you are taking some medicine, take enough for the all field =
trip, in Nicaragua there are many pharmacy but very few different medicine=
s=2E Ask your doctor's advice on anti-malaria treatment, to take normally =
15 days before and after the trip=2E There are not many health problems in=
 Nicaragua=2E Recommendation: do not drink water if not sure it is safe an=
d take care to the food in the streets=2E There will be free clean water i=
n both lodges=2E Think also to a canteen or a bottle to carry the water=2E=
 A small personal first-aid kit=2E Add also some strong anti-histaminic (f=
or ant and wasp sting, there are also some urticant plants), Imodium or eq=
uivalent, something for stomach problems and head hake=2E Some fungic dust=
 for the feet=2E Repellent for mosquitoes=2E
For the field : comfortable shoes to walk, with good socks to avoid bliste=
r problems=2E A light bag to go in the fields, to take material to work an=
d some water=2E=20
Clothes : light, better cotton made=2E Comfortable shoes to walk and light=
 sandals to rest in the station=2E A sun hat and a very light raincoat=2E
Music : all music material with earplugs=2E



Solentiname field trips are think mostly for butterfly and diurnal insects=
 people loving (catching of photographying)=2E As many travels are done, l=
ess light trapping is possible=2E

Scheduled field trips :

3 th to 12 th of July=2E
7 th to 16 th of August=2E
6 th to 15 th of November=2E


1=2E Day=09(-/-/-) Reception at the airport, Transfer to the Hotel,=20
=09Overnight at Hotel Best Western Las Mercedes

2=2E Day (B/L/D) Transfer to Matagalpa
=09Overnight at Hotel Selva Negra

3=2E Day (B/L/D)=20
=09Overnight at Hotel Selva Negra

4=2E Day (B/L/D) Transfer to the Airport Managua, flight to San Carlos, bo=
transfer to Solentiname, Overnight at Hotel Mancarr=F3n

5=2E Day (B/L/D) Tour to Island Mancarr=F3ncito
=09Overnight at the Hotel Mancarr=F3n=20

6=2E Day (B/L/D) Boat transfer on the Rio San Juan to Bartola
=09Overnight at Refugio Bartola

7=2E Day (B/L/D) Farewell Dinner
Overnight at Refugio Bartola

8=2E Day (B/L/C) Overnight Hotel Best Western Las Mercedes

9=2E Day (B/-/-) Transfer to the Airport =20

Price per person in US $ (in base of double occupancy)
Minimum of  06 persons=A0:  930U$

Price includes=A0:
=B7=098 Nights at the hotels of the itinerary
=B7=09Meal mentioned in the itinerary
=B7=09Ground, air and boat transfers=20
=B7=09Scientific Guide Dr=2E Jean Michel Maes

Price does not includes=A0:
=B7=09Extras at the Hotels
=B7=09Airport Taxes (International and Local)
=B7=09Border fees
=B7=09Tips for porters at hotels and airports, drivers, bellboys, waiters =
and Chambermaids
=B7=09Travel Insurance
We would be more than happy to have your opinion as soon as possible, sowe=
 can organise the field trips you want to participate=2E
For transport and lodgment we need to make reservations long time before t=
he field trip, so better if you can advise as soon as possible=2E



Jean-Michel MAES

A=2EP=2E 527 (Do not use DHL or similar)

tel=2E 505-0-311-6586
fax=2E 505-0-311-0126

www=2Einsectariumvirtual=2Ecom/termitero/nicaragua/MEL HOME PAGE=2Ehtm (Ho=
me page)
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