[Syrphidae] Fly of the year

Wouter van Steenis W.vanSteenis@Natuurmonumenten.nl
Mon, 27 May 2002 18:06:13 +0200

Hoverfly of the year 

At this moment Tropidia scita is one of the most abundant and obvious
hoverflies in many places in Europe. So it is very surprising that despite
of a few records of the puparia (Decleer & Rotheray 1990, Lundbeck 1916)
nothing is known about the larval biology of this distinct species. 
Tropidia scita will have an aquatic larvae and perhaps it is associated with
Phragmites. The larvae of the American Tropidia quadrifasciata is found in
decaying potatoes that are lying in water. 
During the meeting of the Niedersachsen hoverfly-workers we decided to make
Tropidia scita 'fly of the year 2002' and give a price to the person who is
the first to find the living larvae in their natural substrate. If you are
so lucky to discover the larvae, please contact Jens-Hermann Stuke
(jstuke@zfn.uni-bremen.de) or Wouter van Steenis

Good luck! 

Jens-Hermann Stuke, Wouter van Steenis