[Syrphidae] web page on insects of Nicaragua

Jean-Michel Maes
Sat, 4 May 2002 17:15:40 -0600

Dear friends,

We are very pleased to present you our web page on insects of Nicaragua=2E=
 It's completely in spanish language but we feel it could be usefull for p=
eople who like neotropical insects=2E It's inside the Insectarium Virtuel =
web site from Spain=2E=20

The adress is :
www=2Einsectariumvirtual=2Ecom/termitero/nicaragua/MEL HOME PAGE=2Ehtm

If it doesn't work directly, you can enter the insectarium virtual web sit=
e at :=20
than click on the main image to get the main menu, click newly on the term=
ite nest (termitero) than on Nicaragua=2E You get a small map of Nicaragua=
 which is the welcome image, click on and get the main menu of our web pag=

This page is equivalent to 1,500 printed pages=2E

"Fauna de Nicaragua" section includes a full checkilist of the 10,000 repo=
rted insect and terrestrial arthropod species from Nicaragua=2E=20

"Documentos de interes" section presents many small documents, usefull for=
 education=2E Also a study on butterflies of Nicaragua and the complete te=
xt of "Diversidad Zoologica de Nicaragua"=2E

Your criticals are welcome, they will help us to make the web site better=2E=



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fax=2E 505-0-311-0126

www=2Einsectariumvirtual=2Ecom/termitero/nicaragua/MEL HOME PAGE=2Ehtm (Ho=
me page)
www=2Emuseum=2Eunl=2Eedu/research/entomology/database2/honduintro=2Ehtm (S=
www=2Ewindsofkansas=2Ecom/nicaragua=2Ehtml (Odonata)
www=2Egeocities=2Ecom/krislinde/pdf/JMMAES=2Epdf (bibliografia)