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There are lots of methods in the literature, but over the years I have found
just pinning the material and then placing in Ethyl Acetate for a day or so
(or even longer, the extra doesn't hurt) and then carefully drying the
specimens, making sure the wings do not stick together, or if the fly is
very hairy, blow on it to "fluff it up," etc., work fine.

The real problem is the quality of the original material.  Many people now
collect with Malaise traps, canopy-fogging or pan traps, but they don't
empty the traps or change the alcohol frequently enough. The alcohol can
quickly become diluted and polluted as the specimens will rot and do release
various fluids into the collecting alcohol.

So, if you are using a mass trapping method, do frequently change the
alcohol, it does made the major difference in the ultimate quality of the

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Dear all,

can anyone tell me a good method for drying alcohol material?

Cheers, Christian.

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