[Syrphidae] some help about Parhelophilus

Pierre-Nicolas LIBERT pn.libert@mrw.wallonie.be
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 15:21:12 +0100

Hi everybody,
In the last published keys of the genus Parhelophilus (Reemer, 2000), the 
first couplet of the key separes the species "consimilis" on the colour of 
the fore leg tibia: black on apical third (at least anteriorly) for 
"consimilis", entierely yellow for all other species.
The question is: in Verlinden's keys, he mentions the same couplet but say 
that a small black mark can appear for the other species than 
"consimilis"... so entierely yellow of with a small black mark????
Thanks for your help....
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