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What is the reason for your question? Is it question of how do I get this
journal or is it question of whether this journal is a scientific one, etc. 
There is a problem that I see in Syrphidae of privately published journals
which are not abstracted nor are not readily available through the standard
library systems and are not available for purchase. And one could argue that
some of the scientific names now in use for European flower flies are not
VALID under the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (see Art.
8.1).  For example, the Speight & Goeldlin Platycheirus names published in
the Dipterists Digest years ago. There are other examples, but for the most
part I have simply ignored them. Instead I try to put whatever syrphid names
I find into our Diptera database. 

To answer your direct question, I do believe the Zoological Record has
abstracted most of the earlier issues of Dipteron. And I do believe that
Dipteron does met the publication standards of the ICZN.


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>>> Snezana Radenkovic <kalorin@unsim.ns.ac.yu> 04/04 3:22 AM >>>
                                            Dear All,

      does anybody know in which publication is cited or abstracted
journal "Dipteron"?
                            Many thanks in advance.

Snezana Radenkovic

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